Why Buy Iron On Patches For Jackets?

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Human beings love the idea of being able to establish their individuality. There are an enormous number of ways they do this, everything from their creative work to the home in which they live. This makes sense, given that one of the ways humanity has survived through the centuries is by being able to distinguish their tribe. As it was in the past, so too it is now, with people finding as many different ways as possible to ensure that everyone around them can tell what tribe they’re with, what team they follow, what clubs they belong to, and just about anything else.

One of the most common ways to mark yourself as both an individual and a member of a tribe is with iron on patches for jackets. Iron on patches is a tried and true form of tribal marking, because of how easy they are to put on your clothes and how cheap they are to produce. If you’re not familiar with iron on patches, then you’ve been missing out you’re whole life!

What Are Iron On Patches?

Exactly as you might guess from the name, iron on patches are patches made of fabric that you can iron onto your clothes. A special, non-toxic, chemical on the back of the patch is then heated enough to melt against the fabric of your clothes. Once melted, the patch stays in place no matter how many times you put the clothes through the wash. This means you don’t have to worry about having sewing skills, nor do you have to worry about what might happen if you don’t find a needle and thread before you get a chance to put the patch on.

The iron on nature of the patches also saves a significant amount of time. Instead of having to sit for half an hour or more as you pull needle and thread through fabric, you can instead only run the iron over it. Within a few minutes, the patch is as stuck onto the fabric as it would be if you had sewn it on. This lets you put multiple patches onto multiple pieces of clothing without having to worry about setting aside a week or more to make it happen.

What Other Benefits Do Iron On Patches Have?

The times you most commonly see an iron on patch is from an event, or a club or some kind. This is because of how useful iron on patches for jackets can be in those two situations! For starters, everyone likes having a souvenir of an event they saw. It helps to remind them of the fun they had, of the things they saw and the new experiences they had. And since iron on patches is so inexpensive, they’re souvenirs that people won’t have to pay through the nose to get.

However, they’re also ideal for those who are throwing an event of some kind. You can easily get different patches made to represent the various places a contestant might win. That way, the first place winner can not only have a trophy and whatever the first place prize is, but also a patch that irons on to their favorite jacket or shirt. With that, they can show off to the world that they won the prize at your tournament or contest!

If you’re running a club or thinking of starting a club, iron on patches are a fantastic way to ensure people can boast about their membership. With an iron on patch, they can showcase to the world that they belong to your club, and proudly so. This is a great conversation piece, as it gets people around them asking about the club and what they do. This is not only a conversation piece for them but a way for you to advertise your club!

At the end of the day, iron on patches is a great thing for multiple reasons. If you’re thinking of starting a club, holding a tournament, or simply making a great souvenir for any guest at a business you run, iron on patches are one of the best choices you can make. They allow you to do so many things and give people a great piece of memorabilia.